It’s happened to all of us. You’re on your way to work, or maybe for coffee with a friend at a favorite cafe, when suddenly you see her. Of all the women walking down the street, your gaze is drawn to her. What isit about her?

She stops at the traffic lights and you take a closer look. She isn’t much prettier than you, yet she’s so attractive. She’s wearing less make up than you, but her skin is glowing. She has shoulder length hair, cut quite similar to yours, but with bounce and shine. It’s cold today and her perfectly-cut, flattering coat hides her figure, but you can tell she’s average size.

She waits, focused and patient on her modern, feminine block loafers. She opens her chic Kelly bag and answers her iPhone. Then the lights turn green and she walks on. You watch how confidently she moves. Her whole being screams beauty and power.

She isn’t just dressed, she’s dressed for distinction.

That’s when you realize: it’s time for you to be the best you can be, and get some of that distinction for yourself.

At Dumanto we too are women who want to feel beautiful, look beautiful; to feel powerful, look powerful. That’s why we share our expertise, experiences and insider tips with women who want to get the most out of life. At our blog, Beyond Fashion, you’ll find not only the latest news and updates from Dumanto, but, more importantly, information and inspiration to help you be your best, most distinguished you.

Because you can dress, or you can dress for distinction!

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