Capes have the power to make any outfit looks like you put way more effort into it than you really did. No other coat arouses so many emotions and brings so much elegance, style, mystery, confidence, character and distinction.

The love for capes led to the founding of Dumanto. Here we play with tradition and modernity to create Capes that move up any outfit.

Women's Fur Collar Cape-Detail View-Dumanto


No matter the occasion, work or go out, a cape is the best ally to go from an “ok” outfit to a “wow” look. Opt for a long, flowing cape to make a bold statement, try a classic cape with something daring to stand out, wear a basic outfit formula of your favourite black sweater, a pair of skinny jeans and boots and let the cape act, go boho on poncho cape, match a sophisticated cape with leather pants for a glamorous evening look or throw on a colourful cape to break with the sobriety of a suit and add character… In Dumanto we offer capes to enjoy on any occasion. Choose among our stylish fashion capes and be fabulous.

Women's Orange Knit Collar Poncho Cape-Street View-Dumanto
Women's Cape Coat-Detail View-Dumanto


Dumanto is based in Barcelona/Spain and every of our Capes has been designed and made entirely in Barcelona with  fabrics and trimmings of local origin and with the love and work of many people. 

Women's Fitted Green Cape-Street Front View-Dumanto


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